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We at Fermenstation are always thinking of ways to make our lifestyle safe and enriching.
Our mission is to bring to our customers the best product offerings made from the gifts of mother nature and our culture based upon all the great people whom we work with that makes it all happen.

| “Home Ethanol” made from home grown rice | “Komesshu” air refresher made from rice | Oshu Sabon |

Home Ethanol” made from home grown rice

Ethanol made from rice made from our exclusive rice farmers.
It is hand made from rice made in Oshu Iwate.

We ferment the rice and distill. All our process is handmade and is fully traceable to the rice producers. A mellow ethanol with a hint of rice aroma.
We also wholesale. Our ethanol can be used in cosmetics, aroma therapy goods and for many other purposes. We will be happy to entertain any requests.
Ingredients: 95-96% ethyl alcohol (rice derived)
*May not be used as a disinfectant.
*Limited supply since it is handmade.

Product features

Using a traditional rice crushing machine, we take care in our fermentation and distillation process. Our ethanol has a hint of rice aroma. All our rice comes from Agri Sasamori of Oshu, Iwate.

Our ethanol can be used as ingredients for handmade cosmetics and room sprays and other aromatic goods. Our all natural ethanol has a soft feel and is being highly recommended by many aroma therapists due to its affinity to natural oils.

“Komesshu” air refresher made from rice

100% all natural all made from Japan
Created from the many voices for a safe and reliable ethanol product, we’ve made the ideal air refresher with no frills

Komesshu is made from rice, grown (no agrochemicals and fertilizers) in the Isawa district of Oshu, Iwate, one of the largest rice growing regions within Japan by our collaborating farmers. We then take this rice and make ethanol totally hand made. This process is a time consuming one, but gets the best out of the rice.
A natural bacteria that has been used as a deodorant and water purifier is added to our natural ethanol. This bacteria has been used for a long time and is totally safe. Since it is derived from natural ingredients it is also environmentally friendly.
Kommeshu is unscented so no will ever notice you used it.

Product features

Safe and unscented
A natural bacteria that has been used as a deodorant and water purifier is added. It is unscented so it will work directly on the smell that matters without interfering with the original smell of your room. You may smell a hint of sake when you spray it, however it will disappear in no time.

Our rice ethanol is 100% hand made
Our ethanol is made from rice grown in Oshu, Iwate, that uses no chemical fertilizers and minimum agrochemicals. Since the ethanol is made from chemical free ingredients, it is totally safe and is suited for spraying indoors and also even when you get some on your skin.

Deodorizing effect

Acetic acid is said to be the cause for many bad odors (sweat, excrement, tobacco and other odors). We have conducted removal tests and have obtained positive results of Komesshu attacking the source of the odor (test conducted at Environmental Control Center Co., Ltd. on 2014).


  • As a deodorizer for coats, jackets, shirts. Works well on smoke, food and sweat
  • For your shoes and boots
  • As a home and office deodorizer especially after meals or smoking
  • For unpleasant bathroom scents
  • For disagreeable pet odors from cages, furniture, litter boxes etc., wherever pet odors are a problem
  • For diaper smells
  • For your car

Oshu Sabon

Made from fermented rice mash, a soap made for delicate skin
Made from home grown rice in Japan and processed by a traditional rice mill, we added only water, yeast and koji (aspergillus oryzae) in the fermentation process. We use the unrefined rice mash, which is a by-product of the distillation process to make our soap.

Fermenstation premium facial soap presents
Sabon Rich and Sabon Natural

Adding only the best of our rice mash in plenty of amounts, we have made a facial soap which is ideal for maintaining moisture especially for sensitive skin. Our soap is fragrance free and has no added colorings.

Product features

We take extra care in our making
Matured for 60 days. We take time in our soap making. As a result, the best of our rice mash is ideally blended into the soap, locking in the active ingredients that provide the moisturizing effect.
We also do not produce any waste in the soap making as well and keep to our word in being environmentally friendly.

Oshu Sabon Rich
Our premium Sabon Rich facial soap offers heavenly moisture you have never experienced. In addition to our specially fermented natural rice mash, we have added beauty ingredients such as amino acids, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E to give you the silky creamy touch to embolden and restore hydration into your skin.
Oshu Sabon Natural
Our premium Sabon Natural is beauty to the delicate and sensitive skin. Recommended for all ages and generations. We have added only plant derived natural ingredients but have not compromised on the cleansing and anti bacterial effects. Sabon Natural is your choice for a safe and enriching facial soap for the entire family.